hp dv6140 laptop can no longer see DVD after w7 install

HP laptop dv6140 (RG274UA#ABA), system board ID 30B7 with BIOS version F.3D..  Installed Windows 7 upgrade.  I feel certain I did this with DVD which meant that the DVD was working.  However, I no longer see the DVD in either the BIOS or in Windows 7 except that I can alter the boot sequence to CD/DVD but that didn't help.   Can anyone explain this and suggest what may have happened to my DVD drive and function? I know it is working since I can hear it spinning up when I put a CD or DVD in it.  Also, I think there is a recovery partition on the hard drive but have been able to find a way to get to it.  I would be fine with XP right now if I could get to the recovery partition.  I think this system is originally XP Media.    
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spinning up does not mean it is ok - but you can try this :
-can you still boot from DVD ?
-otherwise, take the drive out (inspect clean the connector) and reseat it

last option : the drive died on you - test with another driv, or test this one on another laptop
If the BIOS doesn't see the drive then the OS won't either (Just a side note on that).
If you have not opened the system and verified that all DVD/CD cables are secured to the motherboard you might want to.
I've also had some success with resetting the BIOS to the factory defaults. Just enter the BIOS (You may need to select a category such as Maintenance) and then select Load Defaults.

tonyadamRetiredAuthor Commented:
I thought I had already accepted nobus as the solution.  It was a bad drive.  Installed a spare and all is well.....except!  Found out that W7 and Vista are extremely slow at reading data (in this case jpg files).  Some web research is implying that MS is working on the problem.  It was so slow that I took the DVD to an old XP system and it read the files in seconds.  Go figure.
well - tx, but it is not accepted yet as solution
but good to hear it is ok now
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