Linkys RV042 and Cisco 1811VPN Tunnel

Hi ,Any ideas for these messages on 1811 ?trying to create site to site tunnel between RV042 and cisco 1811.

1811 Log SHOWS :

%CRYPTO-6-IKMP_NOT_ENCRYPTED: IKE packet from was not encrypted and it should've been.
%CRYPTO-4-IKMP_BAD_MESSAGE: IKE message from failed its sanity check or is malformed
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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
look like in not encrypting VPN key info.
you can try to change encrption level @ both router (Make sure both should match)
1w3Author Commented:
Syed, You mean change it to DES for Phase1 ?

1811 Config:
crypto isakmp policy 1
 encr 3des
 hash md5
 authentication pre-share
 group 2
 lifetime 28800
crypto isakmp policy 10
 encr 3des
 hash md5
 group 2
 lifetime 28800

crypto map BUCK 19 ipsec-isakmp
 description Tunnel to BUCK
 set peer
 set transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA
 match address 119      

access-list 119 permit ip

interface Dialer0
 ip address negotiated
 no ip redirects
 no ip unreachables
 no ip proxy-arp
 ip mtu 1452
 ip nat outside
 ip virtual-reassembly
 encapsulation ppp
 ip route-cache flow
 dialer pool 1
 dialer-group 1
crypto map BUCK
crypto ipsec df-bit clear

1w3Author Commented:
1811 Config continued:

crypto isakmp key xxxxxxxxxx  address
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Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
can you change encryption to sha1 and test
1w3Author Commented:
I did still not working and keep getting the same message
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:
make sure your Password on both side is same, i would suggest you change the password and try. i would sugegst you chose atleat 8-10 Digiit/numbers key for testing

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1w3Author Commented:
I have tried the key changing to alphabets but did not help..
1w3Author Commented:
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