Windows 7 Pro not working properly in a Win 2003 SBS Std environment

Given a Windows 2003 SBS Std SP2 based network environment, a few Windows 7 Pro workstations have been connected
Generally, things appear to work on the new workstations as expected.
However, intermittently, the following 2 issues have been observed;
1) The workstation loses its trust relationship with the domain controller (the Win 2003 SBS). To resolve this, I have to re-connect the workstation to the DC. It has already happened more than once to a particularly workstation.
Unlike with the XP Pro workstations, the ICW from the server could not be used to join the Windows 7 Pro workstations - which could explain the problem.
2) Intermittently, connections to network shares on the Server either fails or drop off. Then the workstation appear to re-scan all the available files/folders in the share, taking its time to do so. On completion of the "scan", connection may be restored. But sometimes, the share simply disappear from the workstation Windows Explorer.

Any comments, tips and suggestions would be gratefully received, Experts.
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Something to try:

Sometimes drive/folder mapping from WIN7 to SBS 2003 loses authentication if the connection refers only to \\{server}  as opposed to \\{server}.{full_domain_name}

You can try looking at your ADVANCED TCP/IP settings and make sure the DNS tab of the "Advanced TCP/IP Settings" for the network adaptor you use has the "Append these DNS suffixes (in order):" option set to the SBS 2003 domain (typically xxx.local) (add if missing).

Then reboot and see if this cures it.

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check for duplicate Computer names in the domain.
garychuAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Experts.
I have checked for duplicate computer names and found none.

Just a point of clarifcation.
Presently, by default, the following are enables;
Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes
append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix
Register this connection's addressess in DNS
If I now enable Append these DNS suffixes (in order) instead, does it mean that the particular computer will have to have the FQDNS server name in any network that it wishes to logon to?
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Have you tried to disable the IPV6 on windows 7 machines?
garychuAuthor Commented:
I have not tried disabling IPV6 on those Win7 machines.
But it does sound like a good idea - wouldn't hurt anyway.
Will revert again, once I have implemented the suggested measures so far.
garychuAuthor Commented:
I have now implemented both suggestions from n2fc and JohnGrunwell.
However, as the problem crops up intermittently, it is hard to ascertain if it has been fixed
Still, they seem like possible fixes.
So I am prepared to accept the solutions.
Thanks again.
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