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Time and date related Conditional Formatting question in Excel


In an Excel (2010) spreadsheet, suppose that:
     • A1 displays the current date & time (assume that it automatically updates every minute), and
     • B1:B35 displays times beginning with 7:00 AM in B1 and moving down, every 30 minutes thereafter,
as shown in the following screenshot (note that rows 8-30 are hidden -- red arrow):
     • turn on = cell colored yellow
     • turn off = no cell color (i.e. white or whatever the spreadsheet background color is)
what Conditional Formatting (CF) formula would cause a given cell in column B to turn on as soon as the time in A1 reached the time shown in the cell and turn off 30 minutes later when the next cell in the column turns on?

     • What formatting should be in A1 and column B so that the CF will work correctly day after day?
     • While the CF is being applied, should B1:B35 be selected or only B1 after which it is copy/pasted into B2:B35?
     • What formula would be entered in C1:C35 so that the (empty) column C cell would turn on & off with its column B partner?

Microsoft Excel

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