cannot create the file - make sure that the path and filename are correct.

Info: Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows XP Pro SP3; Windows 7 Pro.

We have a user (using XP Pro) who has an .asp file that controls whether an Access db is available or not by changing a line in the .asp file from true to false and vice versa. This worked for them for years on Win2003 and IIS 6.

We've upgraded to Win2008 R2 and IIS 7.5.

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve.

When he edits the file and tries to save it he gets the msg. "Cannot create the z:\folder\filename.asp file.  Make sure that the path and filename are correct."  I have the same problem and I'm a member of the domain admin group and using XP Pro also.

I've checked permissions, he has "Full permissions" to the folder where the .asp file is located.  And he can create and delete folders and files within the folder where the .asp file is located.  He can edit the file and save it with a different file name.  He is in the Power Users group, not in the Admin group.  So he can't open Notepad using the Run As cmd to escalate his privileges to Admin.

Because it's an .asp file does he need write permissions to the folder where the temporary IIS files are stored? I'm thinking that because it's a .asp file it's something permission related that I'm missing.  There's some folder that he needs write permissions to other than the one where the .asp file is located.  What else would prevent him from saving this file and throw that err msg?

Note that if he\we use a Win 7 Pro pc it's not a problem.

I've googled the err msg and searched in the technet forums and I'm not finding a solution.  I'm sure someone else has solved this problem for someone but I've not found it yet.  If you need additional info let me know.
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mobotAuthor Commented:
This may be a file locking issue rather than permissions.  The control.asp file is hit every time the front end form file is accessed.

What puzzles me is why it's not a problem if we use XP, Win2003, and IIS6, or if we use Win7 Pro, Win2008 R2, and IIS7.5.  The combo of XP and Win2008 R2, and IIS7.5 produces the problem.

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
so he is using notepad to open the file ?? why not just have 2 copies of the file..
and just do a
ren accessdenied.asp filename.asp
to deny access
ren accessok.asp filename.asp

Not really sure.

>> Can you try stopping the "Default Web Site" @ the IIS7.0
>> can you stop the "IIS Admin service" on that computer....then try editing the same file?
Is that allowed?
mobotAuthor Commented:
ve3ofa - we can try that on Monday.

e aravind - I can't stop IIS and test it.

We have the content on a pair of servers setup as a cluster.  We have a pair of IIS servers setup using MS load balancer, but IIS is not setup as a shared config.  We use a domain account to connect from the IIS servers back to the file servers where the content is stored.  This domain account also runs the app pools.
If I grant that domain account full permissions to the .asp file we can edit and save the file.  Just learned of this, this morning.

ve3ofa - I'll try your solution on Monday.

If you guys have any other ideas let me know.

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mobotAuthor Commented:
granting the domain account that runs the app pools permissions to the files and folders is the solution.
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