Configuring NIC's for separate Roles - Windows 2009

I have a Win 2008 Server currently configured with two roles; File and Printer Services.  Apparently discovering printers is impossible because the server is not in the same subnet.  

What I would like to do is configure the other NIC for the same subnet the printers are on but not sure the impact on the file server.  Just wondering if there is a way to point one nic to the file server and the other to the printer server.  

Maybe this is contrary to what dual nics are for; teaming, bridging, clustering, etc.

Any comments will be appreciated.

AdeloSystems Administration/Vulnerability ManagementAsked:
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setasoujiroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok then you configure a NIC with a x.x.2.x IP, but NO gateway, and NO dns, so it can only work in this subnet.

Then you *should* be able to discover these printers. However this is not at all the correct way to map your network :) you should indeed use something like solarwinds/IPSwitch/Spicework etc...
You can add a NIC and use that in the same subnet for the printers, but users will also be able to access the files this way if they want. But when you do this, there is no reason imo to keep the other NIC.
Also don't assign a DG to the second nic nor DNS or you'll have some issues...

I don't see why the server is not in the same subnet, but I'm sure there is a reason for it. Aren't you better off just mapping the printers for the users using a logon script? then the problem is gone.
AdeloSystems Administration/Vulnerability ManagementAuthor Commented:
Thanks Setasoujiro,

Yes we can use a logon script but right now I am performing network maintenance; maybe I just need to find a discovery tool such as solarwinds.  

The server is in another subnet because it was established initially as a File Server, printer services were installed later; however, we did not realize that the server needed to be in the same subnet to discover the printers on the network....just didn't think things through.

If we were to assign an IP in the printer subnet how might that impact users; I guess it shouldn't as long as the name is specified as opposed to the IP.

In order to do a logon script I need to get a handle on what printers are out there and where.

Thanks again,

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Can't you just look on the server to see which printers are there?
you can also use spiceworks or something, and give the second IP range to scan.

For the ip in the printer subnet, I don't fully understand what you mean?
AdeloSystems Administration/Vulnerability ManagementAuthor Commented:
Therein lies the problem; the server only see the printers we added manually.  Since the server IP is on a different subnet, printer discovery is not possible.

The server hosting the Fileshare was initially created on one subnet; the Printer role was added later but is also in a different subnet.  Fileshare is x.x.1.x and the Printer server is on x.x.2.x.

Thanks again.  
AdeloSystems Administration/Vulnerability ManagementAuthor Commented:
This worked like a charm; gave me the results I needed and wanted.
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