Can I trust the backup software that comes with new USB 3.0 drives

I just bought a Seagate Goflex 2TB usb 3.0 external drive.  It comes with Memeo instant constant backup software.  I never trust any backup software until I've actually used it, restored with it and have a decent idea what it does. I've been using Acronis for years.  I use it myself and put it on all my client's computers. I don't love it but I know that if I schedule enough backups, data and whole disk, I can have confidence that in case of a disaster we'll have a good backup.
USB 3.0 has changed the nature of backups. I'm wondering now if I should use the software provided by the drive manufacturer rather than Acronis.  Can I trust the backups being made on these drives?
Can I assume that the software will not terribly slow down computers?  At least not any more than Acronis does.  That goes for the software that comes with the new WD 3.0 drives also. Can it be trusted?    
Alan SilvermanOwnerAsked:
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Hi alanlsilverman,

I work with many different USB 3.0 drives for work, but mostly Seagate.  

When I received my first Seagate USB 3.0 drive I used the provided software, I was amazed at the new interfaces and the speed, I then tested with a simple run of Windows back up, and to my suprise, it surpassed the 3rd party software with flying colours..

After a few weeks of using the shipped backup software (I like testing new things) I ran into a problem..  My backups had been deleted! "Seagate could not find backup destination, please reconfigure backup" I could locate the external drive perfectly through disc management/my computer, but not the software.

I would say, if you are using Acronis without any hassles (as am I at work) then there's no need to switch, as the backup software that comes with USB 3.0 drives aren't really all that tailored for business use, instead backing up simple home user documents, you get what you pay for.

Another thing..  I have not used any 3rd party software that comes with USB 3.0 that detects my backup if I try to restore, I have to run it from USB 2.0 to restore backups from Seagate software.. Windows backup and Acronis seem to work fine when restoring, using a USB 3.0 input.

I hope this helps,


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Don't know about the current version, but I passed on trying it a few years ago because it got "panned" by some of the reviews I saw. Like this one (if you click the User Review tab, there is a post from Jan of this year):,2817,2270960,00.asp#fbid=r5YtE6oqyj6

I second Alienwalker, if Acronis is working for you, stay with it.
iused Acronis too - but switched over to Paragon, which i found faster :      
If this is for a corporate workstation backup, then EdgeSafe Backup should do the job
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
I assume you've tested Paragon extensively and found it dependable.  Does it work as well with XP and Win7 both 32 and 64bit?  How about ease of use?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
nobus, more on Paragon:
Does it allow you to set a number of backups to keep and then clear the folders out and start over again?  Acronis doesn't have any workable way to do this.  So I have to do it manually when a drive fills, clear out an entire folder and restart the backup.  And I have to do this for most of my customers also, even tho' I've extensively documented how to do it.  Also, I've found that the tib files  (Acronis backup files) can get corrupted, especially after many incremental backups. So you can go to restore a backup and find it's no good. Do you have to worry about that with Paragon backup?  Acronis was written and largely supported by native Russian speaking individuals.  This makes dealing with them infuriating.  What about Paragon?
Which version do you use?  
Thanks again,
yes - i used it for imaging my 160 Gb SSD drive (10 minutes)
very easy to use, and good support also
>>  Does it allow you to set a number of backups to keep and then clear the folders out and start over again?   <<  that i never tried, i used to clean them with explorer
also - i never use incremental backups (because i have time to spare for a full backup) - so ican't really help you with that section
since i am an EE expert, i'm allowed to download most softwares for free, i use the 2011 version of Hard Disk Manager

for more info, may i redirect you to it's features and requirements pages?  you also find the user manual to answer most your questions
or contact paragon - they are friendly, and willing to answer your questions
Well i am using acronis for 4-5 years
Never had any problems or the complaints that the client computers are getting slow.
It depends how you are scheduling it
What network speed you have defined
At what time are the backups made?
Whats the backup type, incremental or full backup?
At what speed you want the data to transfer?
And finally the speed of remote NAS matters as well

I would got for acronis rather than any new imaging backup software
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
As they say, 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't'.  So I'll probably stick with Acronis for now at least.   Thanks to all for your input.  
Thank you much.    : )
Thanks for the new catch phrase!
justa suggestion: if you have time -test it out
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