trouble restoring exchange 2007 resource

I have mounted the recovery storage group but when I try to restore, it tells me the object I'm trying to restore does not exist
J CAsked:
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pravinkbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes.. Check this command

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox 'John Smith' -RSGDatabase 'RSG\Mailbox Database' -id 'Allison Brown' -TargetFolder 'JSmith Email'

This command restores "John Smith" mailbox which is on RSG database to another mailbox 'Allison Brown' to the Target folder named  'JSmith Email'

Would like to know the below information:
1. Are you using Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell to restore the object?
2. The mailbox object exists on the production store?

Please use restore-mailbox cmdlet to restore the mailbox to the same mailbox on production or different active mailbox. Follow the article below
J CAuthor Commented:
Was trying to use the exchange console. This is a resource/room mailbox. Will I be able to restore the room calendar by restoring to an alternate mailbox using the cmdlet?
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