TMG 2010 License types,evaluation period expiration

hello everyone,

back with another "annoying" TMG 2010 question,
yesterday i completed my 120 days evaluation period of TMG 2010, so i got the following message in the logs and web protection of course stopped working :"Evaluation license for Web Protection has expired. Updates will be disabled and the product will operate with reduced functionality."
so my question is:
1-The web proxy of TMG 2010 is still functioning normally, till when it will continue to function before its evaluation also expires ?
2-i went to to buy a license, but i'm lost, should i buy a license for "Web Protection" only , or for TMG 2010 only , or for both !! i mean when you buy a TMG 2010 license , should you get a Web Protection license as well ?
like this one:
in its Subcategory mentioned :"Subcategory:Security - desktop firewall , Security - intrusion and vulnerability detection , Security - network firewall " so no web protection?

Appreciate any feedback,
And thank you in advance.
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TMG has 2 types of license:
- TMG server licensing  ( license to install and use TMG as firewall,web proxy,etc...) - 2 possible choices: Standard Edition or Entreprise Edition  . It's for the "machine" running TMG
- TMG web protection subscription license (license to access to the URL filtering and protection based on web sites categories). It's a cloud services from microsoft. It's a subscription sold by user and by year.

The 1st license is mandatory to run TMG on a machine.
The second is optionnal if you don't need to use "Web filtering" feature, you can avoid to buy it.

By default, evaluation licenses of TMG includes the 2 licences: evaluation server and "120  days of  trial for web protection subscription license"
Look at this blog about Subscription service: 

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Tmg has two licenses - a per processor license for the product and is mandatory. Second is an optional license per internal user which is for getting all the category updates etc for the web protection service (effectively this covers access to updates from the MS security sites which hold the list of known dodgy sites etc).

So if you want full protection should get both or just the product license if you want to manage the web protection filtering and updating manually.

As for when the main product trial runs out, this is after 180 days, not 120 like the filtering trial - no idea what will happen as I gave never let an installation hit that point.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Wow - both posted the same answer at almost the identical second - spooky.
Check your part number I think you need this one 4WD-00239
web protection filtering will expired at 2015 so it still activated but not working ?
need yours help
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