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Windows XP / Spoolsv / HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 / Excel freezing

Bit of a weird one...!

Got a Windows XP SP3 PC with Excel 2003 problems. I've just installed an Officejet 8000 printer, and set it as the default.

For some bizarre reason, now, when I open any excel spreadsheet with the new printer set as default, it absolutely will not open. (If left for 5 minutes, it will open but stuck at 100% CPU).

If I stop the printer spooler service (net stop spooler) - The document loads instantly.

I've tried loading a network printer back on, and starting the spooler service and it runs fine. I've tried Excel /s (Safe mode) and doing the same, but as soon as the HP printer is set as default, I cannot open the excel document.

A small workaround I have found while troubleshooting, is setting the network printer as default printer, which allows the Excel document to open reasonably quickly (<1 minute) - However as soon as I attempt to open the 'Print' dialog and select the HP Printer again - It stalls for a fair length of time (Approximately 3-4 minutes) and then allows the diaglog to respond again. I can then continue to print fine.

I've removed all traces of the driver, tried the version from the CD supplier with the printer - Tried the latest drivers from HP's website - Both end up with the same result. I am literally at the point of returning the printer as it's driving me mad!

The printer does feature a network socket so I could set it up with TCP/IP and see if the problem is still apparent, but this is not really practical due to the lack of sockets by the desk.

I've not even attempted to call HP yet due to fear of being put through to someone who will flat out refuse to acknowledge a software problem!
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