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I have a form that must pass through multiple stations to be filled out completely each section must be filled out in succession example section 1 will answer 6 questions, then it needs to move onto section 2 who will answer 2 questions then section 3 then 4 and 5.

Ideally each section would be filled and locked so no other sections can change the data and at the end of the processing of each section it should save the data to a database the final submit should send an email to relevant people.

I would like to understand options to achieve requriements above and terminologies etc.

IT SSMAsked:
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OST-IS, it may be easier if we started working with your actual code/table/forms...   I could use tables that I make up, I hope you can translate them to your design...

Let's say the table is WORKFLOW, you would add a column, let's say STAGE, type Integer...
On the first stage, your page shows a list of the WORKFLOW records where STAGE = 1... the user selects a record, enters all the data and saves it.... as part of the save action, you update the column to STAGE = 2.

Now that record will no longer appear on that form, because that list only shows records where stage = 1.  But it will appear on the next section's screen... the one where stage is always two.   On that page you make sure you filter records show show WHERE STAGE = 2.

When you save that, be sure to SET STAGE = 3.

At the end of all the stages.   Set the STAGE = NULL which means it has passed all stages.

If feel like I pretty much repeated myself, so sorry if that didn't help.  Please ask me more specific questions or let's just start working on the code.... show what you have and when you get stuck.

To do this you want to use a column in the database table for "status"... each step will save to the database, and the status flag will be updated as you go along.   So status = "station1" will be the initial setting and only station 1 will be abe to query up those records.  Once successfully saved (all questions answered) then you update the status column to "station2" and so forth.

At the end (the last station) update the status flag to something like "Complete" at that point the record joins all the other records in the database as Completed, available records.   If you prefer you can use a seperate table for this, or better yet, a VIEW that will prefilter the records.
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperCommented:
hmm, i think i misunderstood the question

IT SSMAuthor Commented:
myselfrandhawa, I think my post title is misleading. I have a single form that is divided into multiple sections, each section represents a stage in a process. Each time the form is filled in section 1 will fill in section 1 of the form the section two will fill in section 2 of the form. At the end it will pass through all 5 "process" sections and the form should be complete, I would then submit to the database to capture the data.
IT SSMAuthor Commented:
Can you please add a little more detail ie what is this process called? Do you know or have any examples I might look at of a working system or any tutorial sites I can visit. I am a newb to this and what seemed like a simple request is proving quite difficult.

BTW I am in Australia thus the delayed response/

IT SSMAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate that was what I was looking for this is a good place form me to start which is exactely what I was after

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