Bulk Images Resizer - Searches subfolders and saves outpout to same original location

Hi experts,

I have a folder of sub folders that has 100s of images with high resolution and huge sizes.

I want a software that I pass that folder to, and it resizes all images under all subfolders but keep them in their same locations. I don’t want to have shrinked images saved to one location.

Any software that does that?
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I generally use the free IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com) for this.

File > Batch Conversion/Rename
Work As = "Batch Conversion - Rename Result Files" (I will explain in a moment)

Batch Conversion Settings:
    Output Format - Set to same as original file type
    Use Advanced Options - Selected
    Click Options button and set preferences
    Click OK
    Click Advanced button: (see screenshot of dialog below)
          Untick ALL then tick ONLY these:
                Resize: Set New Size As a Percentage of Original
                (Tick "Preserve Aspect ratio" box below)
                        Enter your % size in the Width box and the Height will match.
                            Use Resample Function - Selected
    Click OK

Batch Rename Settings:
    Click "Options" button.
    Enter Name Pattern such as "$N_Half_Size"
    ($N is the original file name, so "test_01.jpg" will be "test_01_Half_Size.jpg")
    Click OK

Across in the "Look In" panel, browse to folder of images.
     Set to eg. "JPG" images and then select All.

Back across in the "Output Directory For Result Files" section:
    Click the "Use Current (Look In) Directory" button.

Click the "Start Batch" button.

When it completes, navigate to the next folder, choose all JPG files, and click the "Use Current (Look In) Directory" button again.  Click "Start Batch" button.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn't take long.

The benefit of using a rename prefix or suffix is that the resized images will be in the same folder as the originals, and will have a name so you can tell them apart from your originals.

I prefer to create sub-folders eg. "Originals" (or with the pixel size as the name eg. "3200x2400"), and then other sub-folders with the resized pixel dimensions, or "Half_Size", "Quarter_Size", etc.  I NEVER delete the originals, because you must remember that most image types successively degrade in quality if they are re-opened, edited, and re-saved.

Using the Irfanview batch processiong dialog you browse to a new destination folder instead of telling it to output the resized files to the same folder.

If you are looking for a way to batch resize ALL images in ALL sub-folders of a given directory in ONE PASS, then you really need a batch file to call Irfanview (or nConvert - http://www.xnview.com/en/nconvert.html).

This can be written for you by me or another expert, but I don't have the time right at this moment.

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