SonicWall Forwarding FTp Port

Urgent ,

I'm trying to figure out how can I forward FTP port 3389 to a computer in the network so I can have remote access outside the network .

I have some sort of Idea with a router by sonicwall is outside my knowledge base I being researching and the only thing I could do is to open a ftp port but no forwarding

Please help as I done all the rest to have concurrent remote access to a office pc so in case of emergency I can access it without trouble .

Thanks in Advance  
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3389 is the port number of terminal services. 21 is the port number of ftp.
You need to forward 21 port in sonicwall firewall.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
I hope I am understanding your requirements correctly, you mention ftp port 3389 I am presuming you mean RDP port 3389 ? if so see below
With sonicwalls its always best to use the wizard, top right hand corner. Create a public server rule and set it to terminal server. Don't forget to lock down the IP of your remote host for security.
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whether its ftp or rdp use the wizard and this will guide you through the steps
chiefmicAuthor Commented:
Still not work

This is what I done

Use the wizard to create a rule of public ftp server

use the  PC host for RDP  internal IP for Private and change the static public IP by one number ( from 79 to 80 last digits)

run the remote desktop ( as I usually do for internal remote access and it works great) and I recieve the template message that the computer is off , or not configured for remote access and the rest ....

So any advice I feel Im close but cant just get it

Please help

Thanks all for your great answer by the way they have all being very helpful

chiefmicAuthor Commented:
I went back to it and change the static Ip address to the public one that we all use , also set up a RDP server and try remote accessing from port 3389 and afta tried port 21 both ftp first was RDP from sonic Wall and second the FTP still doens work any thoughts ??
chiefmicAuthor Commented:
We tried VPN remote accessing a while ago but we have a lot of project files that sync every time we connect to the network and for remote access to sync fast over normal internet was horrible, what in trying to do is the following , I bought a emergency computer that allowed concurrent multiple sessions and i have use it remotelly from the network with no problem , what i need is that anyone with internet and the IP :TCP address can find the computer and sign in their credentials and be able to access the network , that's why I'm trying to forward the TCP, I'm seriously thinking about taking off the sonicwall as I do. Have any websites or direct incoming info from the wan anyway, but I want to check if it possible to do it behind the sonicwall first, its a NsA 240  , and from the sonicwall goes to a network box that multiplies connections to different location (the nits a power back ) thanks for you advice but VPN remote acces done by a professional team ir cost us heaps and it never worked  
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
yes, extending your network over the internet does not work very well.

but RDP(port 3389) works very well with VPN.  thats what remote desktop services (terminal services) is all about.

once you establish connection to your network - use RDP to access the computers/servers behind it. don't try to sync files.

you internal network remains hidden from the internet and you can give people secure access to your network.

Windows 2008 server supports two RDP sessions out of the box, windows desktop OS's support 1 RDP session

remote desktop services can be licensed in blocks of five, allowing you to serve more than two RDP sessions per server.


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chiefmicAuthor Commented:
Great stepping stone to achieve the overall solution
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