Access Forms - Changing Shared Link Data Source


I wish to distribute my access forms to customers who do not have MS Access, i.e. they will execute them via the run time library.

My forms contain links to SQL Server DB tables only. These links need to be changed per customer during configuration/installation. The table names will be the same, but the host name, DB user, DB name may not.

Please tell me this is possible! I can't find out how to it. Do I need to create a form to handle it?


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You just need a button to open the linked tables manager..

Private Sub Command0_Click()
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdLinkedTableManager
End Sub
mullykidAuthor Commented:
Thanks Peter.

When I run it inside access it works.

When I run it via the run time library though it crashes. Do you know why? This is where I need it to work.

mullykidAuthor Commented:

It appears this is not a run time feature, and other code is required.
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Didn't realise this was regarded as a 'design' feature.

It's a lot of code then.
Here is a standard approach.

mullykidAuthor Commented:

This appears to be for Oracle ODBC. Anything for SQL Server?
mullykidAuthor Commented:

I think I may do this. Create a form so that the DBName, Server, user name and password etc. can be configured/entered by the user  (at install time for example) and then store this data and update the connection string for each Link table.

Can you show me how I would update the connection string with such variables?
I just answered something very similar.
Have a look and post if you wind up in the weeds.

TEST with the run-time.
The run-time is designed to be unhappy with design changes.
What works full blown may not work run-time, so TEST in that environment
mullykidAuthor Commented:
Hey Nick. Thanks for your reply.

The link doesn't seem to work. It loads a blank page. Can you give me your suggestion?
It loads good on my units.
Try this link here
Here is the original code

Function Refresh_Table_Link()
On Error GoTo myerr
Dim TD As TableDef
Dim linkstring As String
Dim intSubStringLoc As Integer
For Each TD In CurrentDb.TableDefs
    If Len(TD.Connect) > 0 Then
        intSubStringLoc = InStr(TD.Connect, "WhateverBadNameYouHaveOnTheGo")
        If intSubStringLoc > 0 Then
                linkstring = SomeCodeThatIsYourNewConnectionString
                If TD.Connect <> linkstring Then
                    TD.Connect = linkstring
                End If
        End If
    End If

Exit Function
MsgBox TD.Name
Resume Next

End Function

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mullykidAuthor Commented:
Dude, thanks a million. Finally a sensible way of doing this.
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