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Hl all

I have a router tomson router 585 there is no log in  password how do i apply one

Thanks Davy
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Yo dont need to reset it. Are you able to get into the router? Do you know the IP address?

Please find the following links

How to login

Advanced settings

User management
By default this router listens on  You can reset it by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.

Create a new user from the user management and set up a new account.
after done, switch to that username by entering the username you created and password. initial password is the username you created.

Default admin username: Administrator  
Default admin password: <blank>  
Notes: Default password on some units may be "Administrator" instead of none.  

Here is a link that may help.

davy999Author Commented:
I dont want to reset it because the customer has net work printers and
 pc's on that router all i want to do is add a password when i logon to the interface.

Thanks davy
I was only recommending a reset if you didn't know the current password.  The default passwords should work for you to log into the system and create your new user account.
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