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I need to find the most efficient way of updating records on mass.  What I am trying to achieve is to update records in a table that meet a certain criteria. The table is linked to a sharepoint 2010 list (but this shouldn't make any difference (I hope))

The fields involved are as follows:

Table = “Newsletter”

Field to update =  “Uploaded” (a Yes/No field)

Criteria Field = “Story Type” (Text) - where <> “The Ending”

So the statement would be to mark “Uploaded” as Yes except if Story Type = “The Ending”

The table will grow on average by 2,000 records a year, but each time this code is run there is likely to only be 30-40 records that need updating.

Can anybody help?
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The query would just be..

Update Newsletter set Uploaded = True where [story type] <>"The ending" and Uploaded =false

'Efficiency'  would be a case of indexing the [Story Type] field (but NOT the Uploaded field)

I am assuming that Story type cannot change from 'The ending' to something else and that Uploaded must be either True or False.
You can use below code

Go to MS Access Design View - > SQL View
Paste below code

UPDATE Newsletter SET Uploaded=“Y” where [Story Type] <>"The Ending"

Open in new window

code syntax

UPDATE [Tablename] SET Fieldname=“Y” where [Fieldname] criteria

then should be

UPDATE Newsletter SET Uploaded=“Y” where [Story Type] <>"The Ending"

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correlateAuthor Commented:
brilliant - thank you for that
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