SBS 2003 faxing - Can the attachement type be change from TIFF?

We use SBS 2003 faxing and have the faxes delivered via email. The attachements come in as .TIFF files. can this be cahnged? I ahve had a look through the wizards and foudn nothing there?


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It uses TIFF as TIFF supports multi page images and as as per Daelt Windows has had native support for TIFF for some time :-)

I suppose you could write a transport sync to change the TIFF to a PDF, but this would not be a small job.

As alternatives you could either use a 3rd party fax product on Windows, or use Hylafax on Linux which does have the ability to send as PDF

To my knowledge, it's not possible to change the file type of your fax managerin sbs 2003.
Main reeason is that windows has a .tiff viewer inclueded since win98.
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
OK no problem, thanks for the quick responce, anyone else know a way?
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