Cisco VPN client access across internal LAN to other remote LAN

I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with VPN clients. They connect and can access DMZ and inside LAN.
I also have other sites connected to my inside LAN through other gateways using DMVPM links. I am unable to access these remote LANs connect through the DMVPN links. I believe routing is being advertised correctly.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so where i should start to trouble shoot

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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
Are you using Split Tunneling for the client connections? If so, did you add the DMVPN subnets to the Split Tunnel ACL?
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Rbauckham69Author Commented:
Yes. I belive so. i don't think this solution reflects the same scenario as i was trying to discribe.
i'll see if i can explain better
I have 2 WAN links connected to my LAN.
1. is the asa which provides internet access and VPN client access
2. is a 2800 router which connects over MPLS to 3 other offices. These office connect through DMVPN tunnels.

VPN clients can connect to LAN. But are unable to conenct to other Offices over the DMVPN links?

Hope thats a little clearer.

please post your  ASA and the DMVPN router configs ,, also mention source and destination network that you want to access ... so that its eazy to analyze.
Rbauckham69Author Commented:
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