Email seems caught in a loop and clogging up the store and queue


We are having problems with our client's exchange 2007 server - 08.02.0301.000
on a 2008 64bit server. keeps sending emails to our and This seems to be caught in a loop of some sort. I've tried deleted the queue contents but they keep re-appearing. Each of these have an attachment within them and are being sent/received at least every minute.
NDR is switched off on the server.
I've tried renaming the queue file but this did not solve the issue, carried on spamming/clogging up the queue and therefore mailboxes on the exchange.

Any help much appreciated.

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Hello, take a look at this KB
riverbankAuthor Commented:
That refers to SP1 rollup 7 though, they have SP2 installed already version 08.02.0301.000
This guid refers to the Exchange Recipient,

The Microsoft Exchange recipient is a special Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 recipient object that provides a unified and well-known message sender that differentiates system-generated messages from other messages. The Microsoft Exchange recipient is functionally equivalent to an internal postmaster. The Microsoft Exchange recipient replaces the “System Administrator” sender that was used for system-generated messages in earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. Messages from the Microsoft Exchange recipient display "Microsoft Exchange" as the sender. The types of messages that are sent by the Microsoft Exchange recipient include the following:

DSN messages
Journal reports
Quota messages
Agent-generated messages

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Sorry forgot to add if journaling is enabled, I would try switching it off. I would also check your mailboxes to see if anyone is over their quota.
riverbankAuthor Commented:
Journaling is switched off.
There are some fairly large mailboxes but as far as I'm aware, none over their quota, we've not set quotas. Largest is around 10GB

Do you have any auto-forwarding/auto-reply rules enabled on your mailboxes that can cause this? I've seen similar issues when a user had an autoforward on all received e-mails to an external e-mail that got closed down.

Which mailbox is using Could it be that your are beeing spammed by someone with NDRs sent "from" that's causing this?

Try to determine which people are trying to send e-mails to and from this address:

Get-MessageTrackingLog | where {$_.Recipients -like "**"}
Get-MessageTrackingLog | where {$_.Sender -like "**"}

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So are we to understand there is no mailbox in your organisation with the proxy address? if not and you have switched off NDRs then this explains why messages are sitting around in the queue waiting to expire being unable to be be delivered to this address. What I would do is to add the address to a mailbox and establish what the messages are, once you know what the message are, you can take steps to resolve the issue.
riverbankAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help regarding this, it was finally solved by Microsoft who got onto the server. Seems it was a spam email in the end.
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