Norton Ghost 2003 DOS Startup Screen Continually Coming.

I was trying to take my wondows 2003 machine image on Norton ghost 2003 one machine worked fine but when I tried to take other machine ghost after reboot  it show’s  PC DOS starting  then it give me error no mouse driver installed but when Im trying to go on windows it is not doing anything  

Please help me my development database installed on this machine
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RediersEUS Technology LeadCommented:
Please be more clear on the detail of your problem...
Boot the PC with the PartedMagic Live CD, use the Partition Editor tool on that CD and select the normal partition from which Windows should boot from (ghost has probably added it's own small mini partition from which the system is booting from). Right click that partition and select "Manage Flags". Now make a check box on the "Boot" option. Then try a normal boot again.

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xeondxbAuthor Commented:
yes it made mini partition now when im booting my from windows 2003 server installation CD it is showing my windows on "D:\windows" please tell me how to delete ghost partition and make my windows again up n running ???
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xeondxbAuthor Commented:

thanks for reply i downloaded 6.5  version but i don't know what should i do with it ?? is there any other way
xeondxbAuthor Commented:
my original problem is norton ghost made mini partition it made "C:\" and windows shifted on "D:\" every time when i restart my machine it goes on norton i want to boot my windows normally as it was before but now it is not happening. when im trying to boot from norton CD it gives my error boot fail

Don't know what to do and restore my old OLD :(
First, why download an old version if a new one is out? The current version is 6.7. Once downloaded you have an iso file. You then use a tool like infrarecorder (or another CD burning utility that can burn iso files to CD's) to burn the iso to a CD:

Use the "Write Image" option.

Then you boot the server with that CD.

You then should get into a GUI. On that GUI there is an icon called "Partition Editor". Double Click that to start it. Then you should be able to select your HD and see the partitions. Just select the one that would be the OS partition, right click on it, select "Manage Flags" and set the "boot flag" to on. After that reboot the server without the CD.
xeondxbAuthor Commented:

so which version ur recommending ? you have any website where i can down fast ??? please ...

Always the newest version, so 6.7. Just get it from the downloads section in the Link I posted, it is the first file mentioned (as it is a zip file you must when it has been downloaded, unpack the zip file to get an iso file). As it is a small distro the download shouldn't take long, and sourceforge who hosts the files looks automatically for the best download source for your location.
xeondxbAuthor Commented:
im in partition Editor but there is one partition showing "unallocated" my full hard-disk
Ar you using RAID? If yes, what RAID controller is it? Do you see several HD's when you select the drives drop down within partition editor (that's on the right side of the tool, where there is a drive icon and something like /dev/xxx). What do those drives show up as?
xeondxbAuthor Commented:
no im not using raid ... just a simple server with 2 hard disks and i unplug other harddsk so there is only one hard disk 160GB
Click on the drive icon in Partition Editor, make a picture of it and attach it.
xeondxbAuthor Commented:
well i deleted ghost partition from the windows 2003 installation CD  then i ran parted magic live CD then make it boot now it is working thanks
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