Macintosh: Workstation


1) I am used to with the Microsoft Window
2) I am not familiar with the Macintosh OS
3) I saw some MacBoox (The OS is Mac OS X 10.6.8) at a company (production environment)
4) It is at the Active Directory's environment
- The Domain is ""

5) My questions:
-What do usually the above MacBoox do?
- From Where do they get the IP address? (Is it from DHCP server or we have to assign or reserve them the IP address? Note: this is related to the "routine treatment"; for example, for Windows XP workstation, the IP address are usually from DHCP server?)
- Please tell a little bit the functions of Mac machine in a company

6) Thanks

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There are many documents for how to connect a Mac to ActiveDirectory.

Mac is just like other PCs for networking, you can use DHCP, static IP, which ever you choose to do on your network.

Many companies us Macs in their marketing departments because there has been a greater selection of easy to use graphics design software for Mac than there is for Windows PCs.  

Also, in today's environment, it is becoming less important which computer users use, as the ability to connect to servers and share files has finally started to become less OS dependent, particularly as more OS support more network sharing protocols.
Document compatibility has also become much better for sharing documents between software versions.  Particularly if you go the direction of Google Docs and such.


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To add to what the other expert has already said.

Yes, you can integrate it into AD, although that's not necessary (makes it work better though). Pretty much functions like any PC network-wise. A couple of reasons to buy one. First the hardware is top notch as is the tech support. If you run OS X, the Apple OS, tech support is super easy because Apple makes both the OS as well as the hardware. Since it's an Intel box under the hood, you can run Windows on it bare metal. So you can dual boot OS X and Windows, take the Apple OS off and run only Windows, or just the Mac OS and run Windows in a virtual machine using VMware Fusion, Parallels, or Virtual box. The Mac OS is, in my opinion, better than Windows. However,it is a Windows world and many apps do not have a Mac version, which can color you decision to buy a Mac. But with being able to run a virtual machine with Windows on top of OS X, you can really have the best of both worlds running on top of excellent hardware.
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