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sendmail.cf on AIX


I am using sendmail on AIX 5.3. How do I update the sendmail.cf file. The command echo \$Z | sendmail -d0 show that the (subdomain name) $m = <null> is blank / null. I need to set an CM option in the sendmail.cf file. After editing how do I apply the optoin. I do not have any mc files.

Also how do I start sendmail on the command line with options: startsrc -s sendmail -a "-bd -q30m" -O NoRecipientAction=add-to
I want to be able to test optiosn before editing the sendmail.cf.

Thanks in advance.
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Just edit /etc/sendmail.cf according to your needs.

Then issue

refresh -s sendmail

to restart it.

Apply your desired start options like this:

startsrc -s sendmail -a "-bd -q30m -O NoRecipientAction=add-to"

The string enclosed in quotes following "-a" will be passed to the subsystem as a whole.

To make these options effective at system startup change /etc/rc.tcpip (the line beginning with "start /usr/lib/sendmail ...") accordingly.


Jan SpringerCommented:
Does the distribution with AIX not come with a sendmail.mc?  That's the file you should be modifying to create a sendmail.cf.
The .mc (and .m4) files that come with AIX are just samples and cannot reliably be used to build a working sendmail.cf (without a lot of customization, that is).

They're in /usr/samples/tcpip/sendmail
See the README file there for more.

hairylotsAuthor Commented:
Thanks woolmilkporc

Solution worked, achieved whay i needed to.

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