How to back up an MS SQL 2008 db to a network share?

I'm trying to back up an MS SQL 2008 database to a network share using SQL Server Management Console.  Going to Tasks/Back Up and then attempting to add a destination, the only choices I have are local drives.  The share I want to back up to is mapped to Z:\ but Z:\ does not appear as a possible destination.  There's no place for an UNC path either.

Maybe this has something to do with the account the MS SQL Server service logs in with?

 I've tried several different built-in and regular user accounts, restarting the service each time but the only choices I have are still just local drives.
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You can type a UNC directly into the Destination / Add popup window (i.e., don't browse).  BUT, usually your as you mentioned your sql server account won't have network permissions.  It probably runs under a local account.  To access network stuff it needs to be a domain account or a network service account.  If you change the account to have network permissions, you might consider the security implications or discuss them with somebody first.

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You can do it from a query window

TO DISK = '\\BackupSystem\BackupDisk1\backups\<Your_DB>.Bak';

WhamMcCAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much.  Turns out to be a simple but frustrating problem.  i.e. Don't browse.
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