Latitude XT won't start

I have a Dell Latitude XT and a couple days ago it stopped firing up. The battery has a full charge, but when I press the power button nothing happens the power button doesn't have a blue light. I tried to find the service manual from dell's site but they don't seem to have one on there for this model or i'm possibly looking in the wrong place. Any ideas on what might be causing the problem would be helpful. Thanks.
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Remove the battery and keep it aside.
Then press the power button for about 20 secs.

Power back with AC and start the machine.

Worst scenario, if still you get no lights on power up. It could be the power/motherboard of the machine is fired and need replacement.
Or it could be a duff power switch!

I assume it's got one of those Dell batteries with a push-button to tell you that the battery has charge.  If that's still fully charged chances are it's not a power supply problem.

If what asidu says doesn't work, try replacing the CMOS battery on the motherboard, if you can get to it.  Even on a notebook there is often a CMOS battery which keeps the BIOS information active.  It is a small button-cell battery, usually type CR2032.  If the machine is old and that is completely drained it could cause problems when trying to start.  Usually you get some warning though - like frequently losing the date and time on the BIOS at startup.

Chances are asidu is right that it will be something like a blown motherboard, but the cost of a new CMOS battery is so low that it's worth a shot before investigating the more expensive parts.

If you can get the machine apart it would also be worth checking the power button itself.  If it's not making a good connection it's not going to start!
xb12xAuthor Commented:
I found some sticky residue on the back of the keyboard and underneath near components soI have a feeling the issue was caused by a can of pop or a coffee spilled onto the machine and caused it to short out. I am going to look further into the issue, but I have a feeling that is what caused it to die.
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If that's the case, if you're lucky it could just be that the pop has got under the power key so it's no longer making an electrical connection - or it could be stuck down and not popped up properly after you pressed it - depending on where the power key is, of course.  If you're unlucky enough for the liquid to have got down to the motherboard you're probably stuffed. Good luck with it!

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You can try to scarp off the sticky stuff.

If coffee/pop spilled into the laptop then you will have to take a look right into the mother board. Liquid can seep into the system easily and cause a short.

If you have the service tag of the machine it would be easy to find the manual for the machine. Service manual will give you the details on how to open the machine.

Enter your service tag at this link
xb12xAuthor Commented:
Thanks Martin. Yeah it was under the keyboard, the power button itself seems okay, but I think it shorted the motherboard so this cool little laptop becomes a write off unless I can get a motherboard for really cheap.
since it is bad, you loose nothing by tryi ng to clean it
wash it with warm water and brush it carefully off,  - let it dry over a geater, or a blower for a couple of days and test
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