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How much would it cost me to hire a programmer to modify an accounting software?

How much would it cost me to hire a programmer to modify an accounting software?

I just received a reply from a software vendor of an accounting software that it's not possible to write with Chinese characters when posting transactions. The reasons are that there are issues with both the user interface and the database. To enable this accounting/bookkeeping software to handle Chinese characters would require major changes to the code and, most likely, a different database.

So I wonder if it would be possible to hire someone to modify this accounting/bookkeeping software? This software is very "clean" with a straightforward UI and down-to-earth, not like the many SaaS-software for accounting/bookkeeping that many mid-sized and large-sized companies use (only I work in my company so I need only a very basic and simple bookkeeping software, that's why I chose this software).


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Girard Tabañag, MBA, MIT, MACS CP
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do you even have the source code of the program? If not, you won't be able to hire someone to do this. What language is the Program written in?

And a general quote for this is rather like asking someone how much will it cost to build a skyscraper. Way tooooo many factors for even a close answer.
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hax1 said, its very hard to say, might be possible, might not. Your best bet would to be bring in a consultant, do a prestudy and ask him to give you a quote.
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Girard Tabañag, MBA, MIT, MACS CP
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I will do that, sounds like a good idea. I also received a reply from this software company that they actually will help me to modify the codepages (which they found out worked!) although it will take some time. Here is a summation of what needs to be done to modify this accounting software so that I can write with Chinese characters in this bookkeeping software (post transactions, create reports, etc., all with Chinese characters):

   1. Modify the codepage of all tables in the database.
   2. Change the application code so that it uses the appropriate codepage when creating a new company.
   3. Change the default font across the complete application to a font that displays Chinese characters. MS Sans Serif has been used extensively in the whole software and this would have to be changed to MS Arial Unicode or Tahoma.
   4. Change the fonts in all of the reports to MS Arial Unicode or Tahoma.

There is a good deal of work involved as Artemis Accounts has about 125 forms/screens and over 400,000 lines of code.

This accounting software is called Artemis Accounts 2 (the very best accounting software I've found that's suitable for a small company such as mine, and the best possible support, even streamline the software to my needs like this!). When I learned the basics of bookkeeping and accounting some 20 years ago I used an accounting software very similar to this: clean UI, easy to navigate, down-to-earth, get started quickly. 99 % of the other accounting software I've found are too complex and incorporates too much unnecessary functions for a small company AND they don't reply on my enquiries. So I can warmly recommend this Irish software Artemis Accounts from Acquila Technology.

One further question I have after receiving the reply from Artemis Accounts (Acquila Technology) is this:

Changing the application to a specific Chinese codepage, would that allow me to enter additional languages such as Thai, Japanese, etc.?
Hi hermesalpha,

I am happy to know that you find it useful. You can inform them that I recommended their services to you.

As for Thai data, I believe it is a single-byte input - which normally means that you should not be having any problems with it.

I believe that Alliance Software, Inc. has great experience dealing with Japanese clients. Your concerns with double-byte input data should not be a problem for them.

Girard Andrew

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