ColdFusion: need to loop through query and set session vars for output

currently capturing session vars for Application Admin user roles this way:
<CFIF #qry_findAppAdmin.recordCount# GT 0>
      <cfset session.AppAdminFName = #qry_findAppAdmin.first_name#>
      <cfset session.AppAdminLName = #qry_findAppAdmin.last_name#>
      <cfset session.AppAdminEmail = #qry_findAppAdmin.email_address#>
      <cfset session.AppAdminPhone = #qry_findAppAdmin.user_phone#>
      <cfset session.AppAdminFName = ''>
      <cfset session.AppAdminLName = ''>
      <cfset session.AppAdminEmail = ''>
      <cfset session.AppAdminPhone = ''>

Now must handle multiple Application Admin users, not just one. Am hung up on how to code an array or such to create multiple session variables. Immediate goal: need to send multiple emails (i..e. cfmail ) to multiple Application Administrators.

Thanks very much
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The primary use of session variables is to maintain a login and other session-specific information.   It sounds like you should not use session variables for the purpose you've described.  The email addresses do not all belong to the person logged in, so don't asscociate them with his session.

To do what you want, simpley query the admin and loop through them using CFMAIL to email each one..
mchristopherAuthor Commented:
Understood. Just following (somewhat blindly) the template at hand.
Will try the loop and let you know.
Did that work?

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mchristopherAuthor Commented:
I already solved the issue by looping through the query and converting the results into an array. I found the code to do this on Google, not through the answer posted. The answer told me what to do not how to do it.
Partial credit is my recommendation. Thanks.
That's no problem.

For future reference however, if you are going to grade below an "A" grade you need to ask for additional information first.   Your last post was that you would give it a try and let me know.  

Regarding the question, I don't know the specifics of your code (perhaps there is some unusual circumstance) but from what you posted, I stand by the answer... there's no need for you to create session variables or an array.  If you're just pulling the admins from the database, then simply loop through your query and send them each an email...

If you feel you need to do session variables or arrays or something, then the question does not supply enough information to justify it these extra steps.

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