Cisco SRP547W Port Forwarding

I've setup port forwarding hundreds of times... but for whatever reason i cannot for the life of me get it working on this new router. It's a new Cisco SRP547W Router.

Few things for info

1) It's a second connection to the site. RDP is working fine on the first connection to the same servers.

2) Port Porwarding is setup using the same ports and forwarding to the same IP

3) When i run a port scan from outside the network it's comes back that the ports closed.

The IP address is correct for both the internal server its pointing too, and the external IP is correct (its static).

What have i missed here????
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   Forgive me if you have seen / done this; but did you follow the procedure on page 77 of this document?:


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elemistAuthor Commented:
G'day sorry i somehow missed your post there!

At the moment i'm having bigger issues with this modem and DHCP. It appears you can't actually disable DHCP on it, how silly is that. Most business networks which this is aimed at have their own server running DHCP.

For some absolutely weird reason i can't fathom, the clients are somehow picking up automatically the DNS server setting and pointing to this modem!

The DHCP settings on the router is limited to one single address so it should only affect one client. But despite doing a DHCP refresh on a client - it picking up the correct address from the correct DHCP server - within about 10 minutes the DNS server changes to the internal address for the modem.

It just doesn't make sense, when the modem is disconnected this doesn't happen so it's definately the modem causing this.

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