Can't open pdf within Outlook that has been created from Sage Accounts

I have a problem where from within my accounts package when I create an email invoice to send to the customer it puts it in Outlook ready to send but usualy before I send it I double click on the pdf attachement just to view it to make sure it is ok but the attached error keeps coming up and it won't let me view the file.
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Can you attach a pdf from your local disk and then open it from the email?  If someone sends you an email with a pdf can you open that?
try it from webmail it will show u the same error?
try to update ur adode reader
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
Yes if I log into the same email account from my computer I can open the document, I did change from adobe professional 7 to professional 9 20 minutes ago but it made no difference.
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Did this ever work?

I've seen issues where the temp outlook folder gets filled and causes strange issues like this.  Try emptying the olk folder for outlook.  This post describes how to locate it.
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
OK I think you are on to something here, the path in my registry is leads to a folder called OLK176 which is in Temporary internet folder.  Only problem is if I try to create this folder it says it already exists but when I look for it it is not there?
You need to show hidden files and folders.  Tools, folders options, view tab, select show hidden files and folders and uncheck hide protected operating system files.
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:

Try saving the attachment to your desktop and then double click it and see if it opens properly in Adobe Acrobat.

If it does then the issue would be an access rights or congestion issue in Temporary folders, this could be a misconfiguration in a corporate environment, a corruption on a Windows Home Edition or a lack of "cleaning"

I suggest installing Ccleaner from Piriform to clean the temporary files as a starting point.

Can you post the version of Windows you are running?
Do you have administrator access rights?
Is outlook running locally with a PST file or against an Exchange Server?

SimonreproAuthor Commented:
Yes tried that and can't open.

Windows XP

Yes Administrator

Exchange Server
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
None of the above has worked and there is no folder called OLK147 in the Temporary Internet Files and it won't let me create a folder in there either, any ideas?
If memory serves, you may need to use the path C;\Documents and Settings\%your-username%\Local Settings\Temporary internet Files\IE.5\olk176
no thats wrong. please ignore my post. sorry.
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
If you can not open the attachment when saved then the problem seem to relate to adobe acrobat not working rather than anything else.

Can you confirm that you are unable to open PDFs downloaded from websites for example so we can be sure this is an issue with opening pdf's rather than anything else.
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
Yes I can open pdf's just not the ones that are created from sage.  
None of the above has worked and there is no folder called OLK147 in the Temporary Internet Files and it won't let me create a folder in there either, any ideas?

Delete the registry key referenced >Open an attachment > Outlook should create a new temporary internet files\olkxxx\ folder and a corresponding reg key.  If it doesn't do that then either office or user profile gone wonky > repair install office > still no joy then it's probaby time for a fresh user profile ;)
By referenced reg key, I of course mean HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\Security\OutlookSecureTempFolder.

The reason I suggest that a new user profile might be called for is that the underlying problem appears to be permissions on your temp folders, which means that something's gone rather wrong.

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SimonreproAuthor Commented:
Your the man Marcus, worked like a treat deleting the registry entry!

Many Thanks!
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