rights management vs access control lists

Can anyone tell me (perfer comments to links) what rights management can do to protect sensitive data and files on corporate network shares/apps that stringent NTFS access control lists cant do?

Or perhaps why would a company deploy rights management as opposed to just getting their ACL's in order? Does rights management remove the need for file share ACL's? Or is it a different purpose?

Where would rights management be required? And how is it controlled?

Ps - is rights management free?
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Mike KlineCommented:
AD RMS does not cost extra and it works in can work with ACLs but does not replace ACLs as a method to protect data

It works with certain apps like exchange, sharepoint, office.

I have to get going for a flight so I can't write more right now but start with these links





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pma111Author Commented:
Thanks Mike - if you get chance to add any more of your comments they are always most welcome.

Prefer your comments to MS links - cheers.
MS RMS comes bundled with the Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 operating systems, but they do require a SQL back end (and MSDE will do in a pinch).

RMS does things that typical ACLs don't, such as controlling the distribution of files and emails once they leave your control to the great unwashed masses on the internet.

With ACLs for instance, you can prevent users from modifying files, but you can't prevent them from forwarding emails you've sent to them. RMS will allow you to do the latter.
pma111Author Commented:
What benefits could it have in terms of SQL Server databases? Or is it more geared to sharepoint/exchange.
As far as a SQL server back end? Not much by my understanding. RMS deals most with what people can do with the information they're been given access to and not so much with the raw DB itself.
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