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Outlook 2007 - blocked emails

My OS is windows 7 and I use Outlook 2007.  Although I have listed out all the emails to block as spam but Outlook seems to be lax and still allow these, even though sometimes there are more than one listing of the spam email in the list.
I am thinking of another strategy, and hope the Gurus could please analyze whether it is workable and doable.
I have a list of all the spam addresses in an ASCII Text file in the c drive.
From the Junk folder, I run a macro that will go to the top of the folder, retrieve the Sender's email address,
and then compare it with that from the List.
Another option is to open Access database and check it there from a field called Email.
If found, then append to the subject line of the email: "AA".
Thus, after executing, those that are marked with AA I know are spams and I could delete these all without even opening them.
I have a bunch of Macro codes, that I am sure can be recycled if any of the Gurus would like to give this project a shot.  I will post the codes here.  Thank u
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