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Are CAL's Needed for File Shareing....

I'm Doing a fresh install of a server which has gone corrupt and need help figuring out something about the cals.  The way this server is being used... is that my clients on startup map a drive from a shared forlder on the server.  Ex. \\Server\folder is mapped to N: drive once the software is installed on the client computers we erase the shortcut to the software and we replace it with a shortcut that point to the same executable located ont he server (by way of this mapped drive).  So the software seems to be running on the client but being accessed from the server through the mapped drive.  Im this installation has only 5 cals and i have like 15 people using this software on their machines... Does file sharing require cals or are cal's specifically for when people log on to the system at the same time??

They all are on the domain and the main domain controller has more than enough calls to share... :) please EE share some light on me.  
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