Help fix "Security Token Service" in SharePoint 2010

Hi, I started out trying to figure out why CPU-load was 100% making my SP server unusable. Then I must have done something to make the Security Token Service not work.

There is always a list of things in SharePoint that needs to match. User account on the SQL server, to some application pool account etc. For this service - what are they? So that I can check where the mistake is.

BTW -we have a farm solution where the SQL server is on a separate server.
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Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:
An image restore should be a functional image.  Have you ever done a disaster recovery test?  If not, you should consider scheduling one.  Otherwise you have no idea if you can recover from a disaster or whether business continuity is even possible.
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Trying to figure out what you did is doing to be next to impossible.  Can you do an image restore restore on that server?
hke72Author Commented:
I could restore, but that would go back two days? I think - or if I do an image restore of the SP-server will that not corumpt the connection to the database? Will the data still be intact? Since the SQL db is on a different server will all user-data be kept?
hke72Author Commented:
Hi, this did fix my first problem and I learned something new. In a farm with Sharepoint on one server and the SQL on another you can restore the whole Sharepoint-server (I did 1 week old) and all the data on the server will be up to date. Of course you might say since the data is in the SQL-server, but hey - now I have tested it and it was OK! BTW: the SharePoint was virtuall!

The reason for the slowness showed out to be crawling that was set to go each 15 min. So at some point when the number of documents reached a critical level the crawling would become a full consumer of the power of the server.

I set to do full crawling each weekend and incremental once a night - problem solved!
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