In SMS I'm getting 'Could Not Find Stored Procedure...' and I'm staring right at it.

Hi all,
I'm using sql-server 2008R2.
I connected to SMS via Windows Auth, I have sysadmin and serveradmin.
I created procedureA in SMS.  Then I created ProcedureB in SMS.  I granted Public role the Execute permission on both procedures
Then I went back to ProcedureA and put in the line:
Exec ProcedureB
I get the squiggly red line saying 'Could not find procedure...blah'  
I can see both prodecures right next to each other, both owned by dbo, etc.
If I disconnect and re-connect using sql-auth as sa, the squiggly line is gone and all is fine.
It's as if this procedureB isn't seen by anyone under Windows Auth, but public has permissions so I don't get it.
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prairie1Author Commented:
No, I've done that, even used the full 4-part name and nothing.
I think I found it though--I googled some more and found that I had to go to the Menu in SMS and do Edit-->Intellisense-->Refresh Local Cache (Ctrl-Shift-R).

That worked, but I find it very odd becuase this has *never* happend before and I've built two within the same session, where one calls the other--and I didn't get this error.  I don't know why  it happened this time.
you need to write down the full name of the proc, something like this
Exec dbo.ProcedureB
prairie1Author Commented:
This was the fix-- Ctrl-Shift-R
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