VoIP System Recommendation for SMB

Hi Experts,

I am looking for recommendations from those of you who have had hands-on deployment of VoIP in a SMB enviornment. Unified Messaging included.

Systems Infrastructure: Windows 2008 ADDS, Exchange 2010 SP1

Two sites 25 users each; connected via IPSEC VPN tunnel; ISP UP speed = 1.5 to 2 mbps
Require that if no VPN link then each site can have fully functional phone system
Each site has 8 POTS lines

Smaller DSL sites 1 to 5 users need to connect and use same system too

Not a very big budget, so am looking for a solution that is true SMB friendly, Web based management

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Paul CoffeyCommented:
I've used switchvox, does everything you need and ties in with corporate PBX.
BigBadWolf_000Author Commented:
Hi paulc: Thanks, can u give me some more info, how long have u used it, how many users, multisite? pros and cons from ur perspective?
Paul CoffeyCommented:
Multiple sites with IP trunks and nearly 100 users tied back to a PBX.  Some phones are remote (home users).  The largest con is the learning curve if you are not a VoIP guy but they have great tech support and you face that with anyone.  The systems are full featured.  We use multiple on hold music, multipe courtesy messages while on hold, cell phones in the distribution groups etc...

My only doubt would be your vpn requirement but I don't think that should be a problem.
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Paul CoffeyCommented:
One more thing, make sure your network is rock solid. Most VoIP issues are internal network issues, assuming that bandwidth isn't a problem.  I would assume if you have a single T1 at the corporate office you are pretty close to maxing that out during the day.
BigBadWolf_000Author Commented:
Thanks paulc! I am waiting to see if I can get a few more expert recommendations.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
Well not sure about that many fxo ports.
Have you tried SIP, it should be less expensive for you.
uc520 24u 8fxo < google that , it comes in many flavours.
Not sure how much you are looking to spend, you could try asterisk as well (its free)

It can do most things things.
The cisco sales pitch.

nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Check out: sipxecs:  http://www.sipfoundry.org/
It is the opensource variant of the former Nortel offering.

It's the core of the system, you can add phones yourself, and for regular lines there are FXO/FXS gateways.
There are many phones & gateways for which provisioning of configuration is possible.

Another option is brekeke: http://www.brekeke.com/
less extensive phone system, but it does the job, unified messaging is a on a lower level.

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BigBadWolf_000Author Commented:
Thanks All :)
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