Powershell script to copy mutiple files in a folder to remote severs and validate the file was replaced successfully

I'm new to powershell and would like to build a script that will accomplish the following:

1. Replace files on multiple servers with files in a file share.
2. After copy, verify the the version of replaced files.

Can someone show me some templates or point me to right direction? Thanks in advance for your help.
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loop through a list of server names, then for each use "net use" command to map a drive, and then use copy-item to copy the files from your share
after copying delete the mapped drive

$cred = Get-Credential()
$networkCred = $cred.GetNetworkCredential()
net use \\servername\test\ $networkCred.Password /USER:$networkCred.UserName
Copy-Item -Path C:\Test\ -Destination \\servername\test\ -Credential $cred
net use \\server\test\ /delete

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lo_oscarAuthor Commented:
how do I add multiple destinations in this script?

$source = 'C:\folder1\'
$destination = '\\server\Folder1\'
$logProgress = 'c:\temp\copyLog.txt'

get-childitem $source -recurse | foreach {
copy $_.fullname $destination -Force -Recurse -errorAction silentlyContinue
if($? -eq $false){echo "$($_.fullname) did not copy ok to $destination" | out-file -append $logProgress}
{write-output "$($_.fullname) copied OK to $destination" | out-file -append $logProgress}
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I assume you do not need the credentials stuff as shown by YZlat, and then you do not need the net use either.

Your code would
a) go thru the complete folder structure,
b) and start copying this structure each time
so you would have too many copy operations doing exactly the same.

You already allow copy-item to copy the complete tree. You just need to apply that to more than one destination.
$source = 'C:\folder1\'
$destination = '\\server\Folder1\','\\server2\Folder1'
$logProgress = 'c:\temp\copyLog.txt'

$destination | % {
  write-output "=====`nCopy to: $_`n=====`n"
  copy-item $_.fullname %_ -Force -Recurse -errorAction Continue
} | out-file -append $logProgress

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