SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered

I have a desktop running win XP, SP3.
I am getting the message "SQL Server installation is either corrupt or has been tampered (unknown package id) Please run set up"

What is the purpose of the MSSQL server?
How to get the it running again or could it be removed off totally?

The machine is running fine inspite of this MSSQLserver application error.


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It is used for database applications. Are you running a database? Do you have any applications that need to access a database?

If the answer to both is No, then you most likely don't need it and can uninstall it.
If the answer to this is NO, and you did not install Microsoft Sequel Server(MSSQL) , then go get some anti virus , and Malware software you may be infected with something.
asiduAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys.

The only database application that runs on the machine is Microsoft access.
Will check and see if the application runs fine soon.

@flubbster- I tried to uninstall the MSSQL but could not find it in the control panel at add and remove program.

@Grant1842- Its not due to Malware, the window/system32 directory was fiddled and only after that the problem appeared up.
Then I would suggest removing access. Using add/remove programs should allow you to selectively remove individual office components.

Since it is the only software using sql, it should remove that portion automatically. If the error then goes away, you can try re-installing access and testing in case it was corrupted.
asiduAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.
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