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Can you use an HP 2510G-24 or 2510G-48 for an iSCSI SAN


I'm setting up a VMware environment to replace an old antiquated virtualized solution. We already have an Dell MD3000 iSCSI SAN. We want to replace the current switch with a newer higher quality HP switch as we've been using HP a lot.

I'm looking at the HP 2510G-48. But nowhere does it explicitly state that it supports iSCSI or how to optimize it for iSCSI. I know iSCSI runs over Gigabit Ethernet but from what I know it requires more than just that. I'm not that familiar with iSCSI.

Can anyone let me know if they know how to properly configure the HP 2510G-24 or 2510G-48 for an iSCSI SAN and if they've done it already?

I want to make sure I'm not going to have any performance degradation and that it would work just as good as any other iSCSI switch.

Thanks, Jonathan
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