Excel 2007 Locked columns

I have locked column K. However i can still input data. Is this normal.

I used http://www.technipages.com/excel-2010-2007-lockunlock-cells.html to help me.
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AnilData ManagerCommented:
You need to protect the sheet otherwise the lock has no effect.

Mr_ShawAuthor Commented:
I have now protected the worksheet. I have ticked all the boxes except 'Select locked cells' however I the spreadsheet wont let me don anything.
The 'lock' on a cell is to prevent accidental overwrite of formula when the sheet is being used.

the principle is to lock all the formula cells and unlock all the data entry ones. Excel guesses what you need as you build the sheet and generally does a decent job of it.

To make this work you then protect the sheet as Mr Shaw said. by default this will let you move around as normal but only enter data into unlocked cells - ie: those with no formula in.

sometimes its useful to allow the sheet user to do more than just move to empty cells and fill in data and each of the options under 'protect sheet' gives them a little more flexibility such as the ability to sort, filter and so on. The default - 'select locked cells', 'select unlocked cells' is enough for many applications but if you dont want them to see your formulas you can uncheck 'select locked cells' and their cursor movement will be limited to the data entry cells only.

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