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Exchange 2003: Single users mail suddenly being held in the local delivery queue


Exchange is a wonderful beast! I have an Exchange server running SBS 2003, with Exchange 2003. We have about 25 e-mail clients on the domain (single domain, server controls DHCP). All the clients are on the same side of the firewall as the server, and are joined to the domain.

Suddenly one of the client stopped receiving new mail in his inbox. All the other clients are receiving mail normally. The effected client can send but can't receive. If I go to the Exchange System manager and open the queues the local delivery queue shows the state as "retry" and the number of messages in the queue are 15 (and climbing).

I tried restarting the client computer (no success) and I tried restating the server (same result). I also tried deleting the first mail message in the queue, BTW all the messages in the delivery queue are for the same recipient from different sources. I checked the send/receive threshold for the user and there are no problems there.

What am I missing here?

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