advance apache configuration

i have a web server installed on vmware. on that vm i got 2 hard drive that come from my equalogic san.

hd 1 = c:\  ( with the os installed and the apache)
hd 2 = e:\

i want to put all my picture inside the hd2 and able to access it with my web browser
how can i configure apache to read in the hd2

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you could do one of 2 things:

- map the network drive like Z: for example
- install Apache on the second server so the images are available from the first server like, for example, and in the first server use mod_proxy like this:

ProxyPass /images

More info here:

This can be easily done with a single configuration directive:

Alias /images "E:\complete\path\to\the\folder"

You will have to activate mod_alias; More info here
GCI_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
ok its working,

my next question is how can do the same thing with a network directory
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