Inconsistency in setting up client/server environments in Virtual PC


This is more of a request for discussion than an actual problem that I need solved, but I will generously award points for anyone who participates.

I figured out a long time ago that if I choose "Local Only" as my networking option, you can fire up two Virtual PCs at the same time and they can "see each other".  I can, for example, install an Oracle server on one, oracle client on another and simulate a client-server environment that I can experiment in.  I've even successfully set up three-tier environments in this manner (db, mid, client).

What I'm finding annoying, however, it that it just "doesn't always work".  For some reason, every now and then I'll fire them up and they just can't see each other.  All I do is shut them down and restart them and then they work - no changing settings or anything.

I've found that starting the database server first, then waiting patiently for it to completely initialize, THEN starting the client(s) has the highest probability of success.

Has anyone else experimented with using Virtual PC to set up multiple-tier environments?  If so, have you seen the same things I'm seeing?

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It's very similar to Vmware and the reason is that both create local only network by piping their virtual adapters to emulate "local" network but they do use dynamic ip assignment to those virtual hosts,it's called "host only" in vmware. The thing with Oracle server installation that ip address of the tier servers is generally sewed into config files and if the dhcp or in case of VPC , auto configuration  reassigns ip , it will stop to work.

I used such scenarios only for testing and making a proof of concepts, also in a lot of Microsoft Courses to build labs,
so most of the time their lifespan is not more than few hours,
The Local Only vNIC is memory based emulator , so it can be problematic specially if IO queue not handled as it should be over time,
but to check if the database network driver is the reason, try to change from TCP to net pipe
also does restarting database services solve the problem? or only restarting VM does?

Also try to use the host network adapter, but give all machines a new un common subnet so it will not be visible

The solution is
1)to put all available ips in dns/.host files
2)If You have access to dhcp service assigning ips make those You've used in Oracle install static
3).In Your VPCs instead of using autoconfig option use static ip adresses

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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

I always use static address assignment in my VMs rather than DHCP - have you tried that?


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