Zebra Label Printer, Core for Label Roll Too Small

Hello Experts,
I'm hoping to quickly nab an expert whose dealt with Zebra printers for awhile.

An end-user came to me and pointed out that the new rolls of custom labels we now order have a small 42mm diameter core, as opposed to the last labels having a much larger core. (think: "toilet paper tube" ~ as a comparible to the label core I'm talking about) :-)

The "Media Supply Holder" which holds the roll of labels is now too large, but appears to be removable via 3 screws, and therefore I'm wondering if Zebra sold something like a "Media Supply Holder kit for xx mm Cores" or the like...  

We have a few different printers:
- Zebra Z400 Plus
- Z600 Plus
- Z4M Plus

I've also contacted Zebra via web, but want to see if the experts are faster.  ;-)
Thanks for your time!
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fleamourianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They should do different sizes, I used to rewind by hand when I was a label printer.  However this is laborious & Zebra or reseller should supply different standard sizes.
ottobockConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hmm, I'm now told by Zebra that they do not supply different media holder sizes. This is unfortunate. The label suppliers obviously offer different sizes, but I was hoping to get info about the zebra printer instead...
ottobockAuthor Commented:
Points for your thoughts ~ thanks anyway!
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