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    I have a repetitive email that I have to send out every Monday.  Rather than having to re-type it or copy and paste it, someone had suggested why not just create a Mail Template and use that instead.  Wonder if someone could explain to me like I'm a two year old how to create a mail template for this purpose in Lotus Notes 8.5.  Thanks for your help.
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Use the Stationery Feature.  Create your message and populate all the fields (to, subject, body).  Then click on the icon "More" at the top of the mail message.  Click on save as stationery.  Call it whatever you wish.  

When you are ready to send the message again, simply click on the "more" icon (this time from your inbox, as opposed to a new mail message like above) and click "new message with stationery".  Select the one you saved above by what you named it.  Send.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
"Flawless Victory!"  Worked like a charm, thank you.
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