ms sql 2005 simple crosstabs

In my table

select state,friend,count(*) as quan from friends group by state,friend order by friend

I get a long list with tha data I need.  friend can appear more than once for a given state.

Arizona, John,12 (meaning in arizona I have 12 friendsa called john. And so forth.

I need a table that wiil have:

a comun called friend and one column for each state. And the value (Quan)  the number

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you can do something like this

select friend, [Arizona], [Florida], [New York], .... etc etc....
from (select 	state, 
		1 as cnt 
	from yourtable
) o
pivot (sum(cnt) for state in ([Arizona], [Florida], [New York], ... etc etc ....)) p

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
You can do this many ways, but given your list is finite, though tedious to type out the first time, for the States you can use PIVOT introduced in SQL 2005.

The general syntax is:

   SELECT [state], [friend]
   FROM friends
) f
   FOR [state]
   IN ([Arizona],[California],[Washington])
) p
ORDER BY [friend]

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Enter ALL the states you want to PIVOT.

robrodpAuthor Commented:
What if instead of states I have say 60 variable values?
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the concept is the same, but you might want to consider dynamic SQL
. Check the below example using state column

declare @strSQL varchar(max)
declare @cols varchar(max)

set @cols = stuff((select distinct  '], [' + state 
			from yourtable order by 1 for xml path('')), 1, 2, '') + ']'

set @strSQL = 'select friend, ' + @cols + ' from (
		select friend, state, 1 as cnt from yourtable) o
		pivot (count(cnt) for state in (' + @cols + ')) as p'


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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
I agree with ralmada. Here is a nice article to explain the technique. It also offers a nice resource stored procedure that encapsulates the dynamic sql shown above.
robrodpAuthor Commented:
Nice code ralmada, if I want to save the results in a table, where does the code go...
in that case you mean create a new table , try changing this part

you will have to be careful though, not to run this twice otherwise you will get an error saying that a table already exists.
set @strSQL = 'select friend, ' + @cols + ' into yournewtable from (
		select friend, state, 1 as cnt from yourtable) o
		pivot (count(cnt) for state in (' + @cols + ')) as p'


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robrodpAuthor Commented:
Great code
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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