Partitions and filesystems


I have make some partitions wihtin a disk (/dev/sdb) with fdisk program. The partition table is as follows:

Dispositivo Inicio    Comienzo      Fin      Bloques  Id  Sistema
/dev/sdb1               1         255      513794   83  Linux
/dev/sdb2             256        1021     1543490    5  Extendida
/dev/sdb5             256         510      513794   83  Linux
/dev/sdb6             511         765      513794   83  Linux
/dev/sdb7             766        1021      515809   83  Linux

The partition type that I have choosed for the whole partitions is Linux (code 83). Then I've formated the partitions with different filesystems:

/dev/sdb1 --> ext2
/dev/sdb5 --> ext3
/dev/sdb6 --> ext4
/dev/sdb7 --> vfat

¿Now, how can I verify the partition's filesystem type? With fdisk program I can verify the partitions type (Linux for the whole partitions), but... ¿What for the partitions filesystem type?


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try to use parted -l  or fsck -N /dev/disk
You can not.
fdisk reports the partition not how they are formatted.

i.e. the hard drive is like a shelf where you placed a dividers.
You then place different language books in each section.  Looking at the shelf and the dividers alone you can  only tell how much space is allocated to each section, you have to look at the books to determine in what language they are or what category they belong to.

mount /dev/sdb7 /mnt
and then check mount | grep sdb7
will tell you the information about what filesystem type was used for the partition.
mount will auto-test the filesystem type and will mount it accordingly.
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