Joomla affiliate software


My customer wants an affiliate software for Joomla:

The partners should be able to see how many people are registered in the system under their names.
The software should handle the unique link generation for each partner and it should be used in other languages (not only in English)

Thank you
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Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

We are setting up an affiliate system with a joomla site and didnt find anything we liked that was for joomla.

Instead we looked at third party systems and are planning to install them on the server alongside the joomla.

The list of partners will be retrieved using a wrapper and the link generation will be created by the third party software and we have a small plugin that grabs those url's and injects them into a new field on the user account called affliateLink on the joomla mysql database

the users when logged into joomla can see thier link and use it to drive people to the site.

Hope this helps

starhuAuthor Commented:

My customer wants the following, please tell me the this can be done or not with that system:

    He (my customer) would send a number of emais to a list -> so as they can visit his web page

    On the landing page everything is described and the visitor will be asked to write in (a form) his friend's first name and email address

    The system will send the these given emails a pre-defined email (using a template), automatically  replacing the first names. The sender of these email should be the visitor's email. This means that the friends would get the emails as if the visitor would have sent them. E.g. the visitor is Jack Black, he will enter the name of Jill Smith and Tom Kite, then Jill and Tom will get the email from Jack Black.

    Then the visitor will get a "thank letter" (Jack Black)

    On the web page the "buy my product" should be available from many pages (I suppose this is only embedding a link)

    My customer wants to define many automated email to those who already recommended the web page and to those whom were recommended. For example if nobody reacted to the emails of somebody who recommended -> he would get an email.

    What happens if Jill Smith recommended the page to Derek Hillyard and Derek H. recommended it to Kate Hill? Can the system track it?

    And what if Derek Hillyard  doesn't buy anything but recommended it to Kate Hill, and a few week Derek Hillyard will buy the product for himself as well. Can the system track it?

    The main point is that my customer want to know if somebody buys the product which person to give the share. So under every person he wants to see how many people he sent the email to, and how many of them bought the product actually

Two non-Joomla solutions that do however have good Joomla integrations:

post affiliate pro:


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Allan NisbetOwner at Storm IT Solutions LTDCommented:

Thats exactly what we are building, the client wants to track everything, and because the users get links with unique id's it can be easily recorded, its one of the main processes of a good affiliate system

Our one goes one step further and calculates your % of the whole affiliate system so if you are the best refer you get a share of all the profits from all the affiliate purchases.

Its pretty simple checks to the database and looking at quantity of affliate links you send out which turn into sales and compared to the amount of sales for the whole system

Hope this helps

starhuAuthor Commented:
nant: I wrote idevaffilate but they said their software doesn't know this (they work mainly with banners).
I will look at the other.

Storm:how much will your software cost? If it's reasonable perhaps my customer will buy it.
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