Exchange 2007 - Setup outgoing mail for "review" in a suspended queue?

I am in need to setup a system where the following events happen:

1. Our SAP server sends a email batch job containing multiple emails to multiple domains to relay through our Exchange 2007 system.
2. Exchange has a queue that is "on hold/suspended" that these emails will go into but will not send right away until we "approve them"

The SAP system is currently able to email usaing our Exchange 2007 system as a relay.  I am not quite sure if the other portion is possible with 2007 itself as I have found no information online about it.  If not and there is a 3rd-party solution please direct me!

Thank you for the time
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Not in 2007. 2010 had an option to create a transport rule that forward messages to a moderation mailbox for review. If you're considering a 3rd party solution, perhaps a better investment would be an Exchange upgrade. More on the topic:
platipakAuthor Commented:
It looks like the 2010 feature for moderation is for only users and groups... and unfortunately will not satisfy my needs by also enabling a Queue for moderation.  I'll keep looking but the options are looking next to none at this time.
platipakAuthor Commented:
I do not believe there is a solution fo this problem with the software that I am currentl using.

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platipakAuthor Commented:
Not complete
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