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sql databases 2008

Hi, I have a blade server where I have runing on it more than 15 databases.
Because of the disk space I was forced to put some of the big databases in a storage Synology and it is connected using the Microsoft ISCSI Iniatiator.
My problem is: the connection of the server to the storage is connected trough a Cisco Switch because I cant connect the blade server directly conected to the storage because of a configuration on the network cards of the chassis of the blade servers.
The problem that I have is that sometimes the connection is disconnected and I have to put back the connection online and have to go to the sql and take offline and online the databases, but now I have 3 databases that when I want to put the database ofline it says that the databases are not accessible.
What can I do to put the dbs online?

Windows Server 2008Microsoft SQL Server

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