List to textfield

Same type of question

ThreedTrans = (List) currentProject.getThreedTranslatorOptionIds();

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You can't expect everyone to be following your every move here ;) More info please (or at least a link). Even i can't remember and i probably answered it ;)
Do you meant to have all em,lemets in there?

String s = "";
for(int j=0; j<ThreedTrans.size();j++){

s += (String) ThreedTrans.get(j) + ",";


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jkteaterAuthor Commented:
Shoot I thought you guys where following my every thought pattern and question :)
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If it's a java.util.List subclass:

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jkteaterAuthor Commented:
ThreedTrans = (List) currentProject.getThreedTranslatorOptionIds();

the above is getting a List of values.  In my dialog I have a panel with the following

3d Translator:   [text field (cur3dTrans)]  [button]

I need to display the values of the list in my textfield.  You may say don't use a textfield, but I need for the users to be able to cut from the field
>>If it's a java.util.List subclass:

Is it?
jkteaterAuthor Commented:
Why is it when it displays it puts brackets around the values

instead of

jkteaterAuthor Commented:
it is actually a ArrayList so I do have java.util.ArrayList
Taht's how list.toString() works - with baracklets
Either use something like my code above - or strip away fiorst
and last charcater from toString()

It does not matter - toString() for Lits or ArrayList works the same
If you're lazy (i am)
cur3dTrans.setText(ThreedTrans.toString().replaceAll("^\\[|\\]$", ""));

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