Saving Mac Office file to Windows Network Share

Our students have accounts in AD and they have a home folder assigned.  When they log on to the Macbook systems their home folder show on the menu bar.  When opening Word 2011 and creating a document they can save and it saves to their document folder on the server.  However, it they make changes to the document and attempt to save they get the message that "Word cannot save this document due to naming error... (or something along that line, I am not in front of my system), a temporary file is saved instead.  If they do a save as and give an incremental number then all is well but files accumulate.  I found the following and tried it, but to no avail.  

Saving Word Documents (New or Existing)

The new version of Word has a problem when saving documents to network folders. Users with network home directories have a problem with Save or Autosave from Word 2004 11.2 (Office Service Pack 2) on OSX 10.4.2, and see an error message saying "Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume." The first attempt to save succeeds; subsequent attempts to save, or autosave, will fail with the above error message.

The fault occurs unless a folder called .TemporaryItems has been created at the root level of any mounted volume containing the saved file; so if the user's home directory is contained in an AFP share called "Homes", there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems in the Homes folder on the server. If the home directory is on another local volume called UserData, there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems at the root of that volume.

Since .TemporaryItems is a dot file, it will not be visible in the Finder. When the application is able to create this .TemporaryItems directory, it is world writable and sticky. For improved security, as long as all users are in a common group like "staff", then the folder can be restricted to writing by the group instead.

cd /path/to/volume/or/sharepoint
sudo mkdir .TemporaryItems
chgrp staff .TemporaryItems
chmod 1770 .TemporaryItems

This seems to fix the problem, not just for Word, but for Powerpoint and other Office apps.

In hindsight I may not have put the .TemporaryItems in the right location, I also did not run the chmod 1770 .TemporaryItems as I felt this pertained to the group command above.  Though the issue had to deal with Word 2004, it was the closes I could get to my issue.  Has anyone experienced this, if so, am I on the right track?
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We had this occurring so many times to a NetApp filer.

The only known solution we found was to upgrade to 10.6 and at least office 2008.  Really sucks if you don't have the budget to do that.

Alternative solution is to use AFP to a mac server bound into the AD; third party AppleShare product (extreme z-ip)...

The problem appears to occur during the deletion and creation of the new file to replace the old file - which is why a new save or save as seems to work.  I would bet money on it being some kind of protocol error with SMB interpretation on the mac (Samba).  I don't have the necessary energy or resources to get further than that I'm afraid. :/
ISSitAuthor Commented:
Our macbooks are at 10.6.8 and the office we are using is 2011

The actual message is "Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume"  
When you save the document the first time it saves with the given name, when you attempt to due subsequent saves that file is renamed "Word Work File L_5.tmp"
I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood - you mentioned Office 2004 and OS X 10.4.2...

...I am not seeing this error with Office 2011 and OS X 10.6 - if you are running these versions then I am not sure why you are getting the older problem...? :/

"Users with network home directories have a problem with Save or Autosave from Word 2004 11.2 (Office Service Pack 2) on OSX 10.4.2, and see an error message saying "Word cannot save this document due to a naming or permissions error on the destination volume.""
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ISSitAuthor Commented:
My mistake, I should have put in quotes, the part referring to the older software was something found on the internet that closely resembled our issue here.    
Delete your .TemporaryItems folder, make a new one called TemporaryItems

Give everyone full control permission via the security tab. Rename the folder to .TemporaryItems

This worked for me on office 2008 on windows smb share
ISSitAuthor Commented:
I will try this, our folder structure is Vdisk (root)-> Students -> HS -> (under HS are 4 other folders 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th) also under Students is a MS folder with 8th, 7th, 6th grade folders.  I placed the .temporaryitems folder in the Vdisk root.  There is no problem from the Windows side.  I had to create the .temp...folder from the Mac logon as could not use a dot in a folder name when created from the windows side.  
Ok, the method i stated for creating the folder will work on windows - it did on a 2008 R2 edition anyway.

Only any folder containing the home folders should have the .TemporaryItems share, your HS and MS folders by the sounds of it, rather than further up the directory tree.

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ISSitAuthor Commented:
I have been away as we have a fall break. Will try the solution on Monday and will report back.
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